Furniture Restoration

They don't make them like they used to!  Antique furniture can outlast much of the modern furniture made today, if they're cared for properly.  When time and wear take their toll, our furniture restoration services can bring them back to life.  Old finish can be stripped and reapplied, dings and chips can be repaired, and loose joints can be tightened.  The table and chairs shown to the left was a request from a client to change the color and alter the table entirely.  A fold out extension table was altered to become a more modern looking table, with the extensions jointed and runners lengthened.  The color was changed from a golden color to the rich "Kona" brown seen in the photos.  The wood is solid yellow birch and has a beautiful grain pattern that was not seen very well with the old finish.  Topped off with three coats of spray lacquer finish, the table and chairs will be protected for years to come!